Automatic Machines and 

Process Automation


For industry, 3EMMEGI provides engineering, projects and can realizes, under specific request of the customer, simple or automatic machines , special machines or robotized lines so to solve problems related to production, manipulation, transport and process command and control.

Automatic device for rim demoulding for WC and bidet

The demoulder has been studied to carry out all the demoulding operations on the rim and completely automatic mould reassembling sequences for all WC and bidet types. The automatic research and positioning sequence from a previous mould to the following one at the end of demoulding cycle is made without any manual operation with a completely automatic advancing. All the motors installed on the manipulator are guided by an inverter monitoring speed, acceleration and deceleration steps. With this controller all handling procedures are highly accurate, despite the high average speed.


Automatic transfer system of demoulded pieces from casting bench to deposit trolleys for conventional casting bench of shower-trays

The transfer system has been specially designed to convey the cast pieces (vertically  cast on bench with fixed tilt) onto deposit trolleys. The system is capable of carrying out all procedures automatically. The system is moved along the casting bench by the operator by using a power-driven wheel which may be guided toward two directions by pushing two keys on the system itself.

3-Axis 3-D shaper for surfboards, sailboards and soft materials from foams to wood with CNC control, direct from 2-D and 3-D soft-ware design

The machinery has been specifically designed to shape any kind of material with soft structural resistance as foams, plastics, Fiberglas, wood and many others. Although it can be used to work on metallic materials with appropriate tools. The system works by means of brush-less motors controlled in closed-loop by a main control unit. Two are the controls: Manual by the operator and completely automatic according to common 2-D and 3-D soft-ware design. The pieces to be shaped are mounted and hold on an adjustable vacuum bed. The system is also realised so to read and memorize on personal computer the shape of existent pieces by mean of a laser system which is positioned close to shaping tool and moves with the working head of the machine.

 Automatic plaster plant with hopper and cochlea for preparation with degassing of the plaster for moulds

The plant has been realised in such a manner to execute the operations of weighting and mixing with degassing of the water/plaster mix for the realisation of the moulds in complete automatic manner. The system realises the preparation of such mix according to the phases of adduction and weighting of the water and the plaster into an apposite container realised in stainless steel, mixing of the two components inside of a vacuum bell until the reach of an homogeneous mix, transfer of the container with the mix to the discharging station and subsequent transfer of the empty container back to initial weighting station for a new cycle.



Domestic grinder for small production of olive oil

The machine has been realised to allow domestic production of the oil from olives for small and medium producers obtaining only oil of  pulp just after the picking. The stones of the olives introduced in the machine are removed and the olives are treated so to obtain an homogeneous paste ready for the extraction of the oil. The process last close to 45 minutes and the oil is separated from the paste by means of warm water circulation.


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