Site map and summarizing prospect of main developed activities








Electro-mechanical test bench for the automatic displacement of weights on the models of "MORO di VENEZIA" and "LUNA ROSSA"   - 5 axis Cartesian robot for surface finishing of ceramic sanitary-ware  


Oleo-dynamic test bench for models of submarines in ship model basin  



Interface for Y, Z translation and roll of ship models for hydrodynamic test in ship model basin    




System for the measure of Inertial Moments of submarines and ships models with weight up to 50.000 N for tests in ship model basin   - Automatic device for rim demoulding for WC and bidet  


Apparatus for performance tests on propellers in hydrodynamic towing tank   - Automatic transfer system of demoulded pieces from casting bench to deposit trolleys for conventional casting bench of shower-trays  
- Structure for the automatic movement and control of electro-fans for wind generation on ship models in naval basin   - 3-Axis 3-D shaper for surfboards, sailboards and soft materials from foams to wood with CNC control, direct from 2-D and 3-D soft-ware design  
- System for the 3-dimensional positioning of laser device for measures in naval basin and circulating water channel   - Automatic plaster plant with hopper and cochlea for preparation with degassing of the plaster for moulds  
- Auxiliary dynamometric carriage for tests on models in naval towing basin   - Domestic grinder for small production of olive oil  
- Water waves generators for tests on coasts and ports models also related to the project of "Save Venezia"    






- Automatic complete casting plant for WC/bidet   -

Projects for complete plants of ceramic sanitary-ware factory

- Casting machine for shower-trays, washbasins, pedestals and sinks   - Projects of complete plants for slip distribution  
- Automatic demoulding device for casting machine for shower-trays, washbasins   - Complete plants Lay-outs  
- Casting machine for WCs and bidet with on foot demouding, washbasins, pedestals and sanitary-ware accessories        
- Automatic demoulding device for casting machine for WCs and bidet with on foot demoulding and transfer on deposit bench  

- Casting machine for ceramic tanks, lids and bath accessories    


- Multi-level chain-belt deposit benches   - Study for the construction of services  vehicles for the under-water tunnel between England and France : "Trans Manche Link"  
- Elevators for multi-level chain-belt deposit benches   - Study for the realisation of an airport mobile control tower installed on special purpose vehicle  
- Movable propeller stirrer for glue, glaze and slip   - Urban trash compactor with Hybrid diesel-electric traction system  
- Thermo-heated and thermo-regulated storage tank for slip with stirrer   - Study for the construction of a public urban transport system  
- Rotating ball mills   - Urban public transport vehicle with Hybrid diesel-electric traction system  
- Water-film stainless steel booths for glazing, finishing and inspection of ceramic cast pieces   - Sport and agonistic preparations and accessories for off-road vehicles  
- Drying system for plaster moulds        
- Drying system for ceramic cast pieces  



Drying system for casting plants for ceramic sanitary-ware    

"CE" Technical Documents, Patents, Trade Marks and Hand-books Drafts

- Stirrers and  mixers for ceramic sanitary-ware factories        

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